Oven Cleaning Services London Have you ever heard of the fact that your kitchen counter contains more bacteria than your toilet seat? Scary indeed. But true. Latest research shows that the dirtiest place in a home is the kitchen due to the food preparation processes taking place there. Small particles of food usually get left behind and start rotting on the kitchen countertops, grease spatters around the oven and hobs and crumbles on the floor are the most common cleaning issues in a kitchen. And when you cater to prepare a tasty healthy meal for your family, a dirty kitchen can be a challenge. Cleaning your kitchen on your own can be a bigger one though. Leave the hard work to the professionals. We believe a clean kitchen indicates a healthy living and this is precisely why we designed our deep kitchen cleaning service to facilitate buy parents and hard-working professionals around London and Greater London. With our kitchen cleaning you will be sure that all of your surfaces and appliances will be sanitized and all food preparation areas will be ready for cooking.

What’s So Special About Our Deep Kitchen Cleaning?

London Oven CleanersWe have designed our deep kitchen cleaning service upon numerous requests from our customers. Our deep kitchen cleaning service will not miss a single spot in your kitchen. We will tackle those hard-to-reach areas such as on top of the kitchen cupboards and behind the fridge where dust and dirt is likely to build up for years. We will scrub and sanitize those tiles and skirting boards and wipe all cabinets. Upon request our deep kitchen cleaning may include deep cleaning of your appliances such as microwaves, dishwashers, fridge and freezers and anything that handles food really. Our green cleaning products guarantee squeaky clean and safe food preparation areas without the use of dangerous toxic or caustic products. We are perfectionists and we believe perfection is in details, so we will clean all those tiny details that you wouldn’t think about at first, but will make you smile once you find them sparkling clean.

Why Do We Stand Out From The Rest?

We truly believe we stand out from the crown, especially after you’ve used some of our services, you wouldn’t think about calling another cleaning company ever. Here are some of the benefits using our great kitchen cleaning service:
  • We care about your home
  • We are environmentally-conscious so we use only eco-friendly cleaning products
  • We are fully insured
  • Your kitchen will be sparkling clean and sanitized after the service
  • We guarantee our work 100%
  • We charge the same rates for a weekend and a weekday service
  • Our staff is friendly and experienced
  • We offer great value for money
  • We are effective and efficient
  • FREE no-obligation quotes upon request

How To Get A Free Quote?

Still in doubt? Check out or testimonials page just to make sure we are as good as we say we are. Nothing scary, give us a buzz and we will quote you FREE of charge! Call 020 3734 2988 to speak to one of our friendly advisers to get a quote or simply to request more information about the service. You’ll love the service, we promise!
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Frequently Asked Questions:
▾After using oven cleaner, is it safe to consume the food cooked in it?

After using oven cleaner, ensure the oven is thoroughly rinsed and ventilated. Once done, it's safe to cook in the oven.

▾How long to leave baking soda and lemon?

When cleaning with baking soda and lemon, it's usually left on the stain for at least 15 minutes before scrubbing off.

▾What happens if I dont clean my oven?

Neglecting to clean an oven can lead to the buildup of burnt-on food and grease. This can cause smoke during cooking, produce unpleasant odors, negatively impact the taste of food, and potentially increase the risk of a fire.

▾Can I clean glass oven door with steel wool?

No, it's not recommended as steel wool can scratch the glass.

▾What is the difference between ovens with steam clean and self-clean functions?

Steam clean ovens use steam and lower temperatures to soften spills and splatters, making them easier to wipe away. Self-clean ovens use higher temperatures to incinerate food particles into ash.